Photos and a video of the human chain in Dijon – Saturday June 29, 2013

The small town of Mézilles, 110 miles from Dijon, lies conveniently off the beaten path. This is where the Centre d’Elevage du Domaine des Souches (CEDS) breeds dogs with the sole intention of selling them to laboratories for vivisection. As early as 4 months old, the dogs are sent from this breeding facility to labs where–against their will–they will be experimented on in appalling conditions, killed, and dissected.   On

Utilisation des chiens du CEDS

Utilisation des chiens du CEDS

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Notre collectif a lancé une pétition afin de demander la fermeture du CEDS et le développement de méthodes substitutives à l’animal par les laboratoires. En savoir plus....

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Méthodes substitutives

European Citizens Initiative

European Citizens Initiative

From September 2014 on : public hearing at the European Parliament and communication from the European Commission

Life of a CEDS beagle in six steps