Why refuse animal research?

Animals, of which consciousness and sensitivity are in fact now long-established by philosophy, psychology, cognitive ethology, philosophy of the mind and by the French legislature (article L 214 – July 1976 Act which states: “ all animal beings are sentient”) continue to suffer and to be exploited in laboratories as “biological matter”, according to the terminology employed by researchers who use them.


And everywhere new animal facilities are being built. Each animal experiment calls for yet another experiment for which more animals are needed.


animal researchAnimal research has become the backbone of a system that allows individuals to publish in scientific journals in orderto ensure the advancement of their career and for breeders to obtain budgets and suppliers of laboratory equipment to thrive.


For all these reasons, each citizen and taxpayer is legitimately entitled to insist on responsible and progressive science, but not at any price, and certainly not that of the suffering and death of sentient beings who cannot defend themselves.


In the same way that it is not necessary to be a policeman to oppose crime, it is not necessary to be a scientist to oppose animal research.