Founding of the Fermons le CEDS Collective

The collective Fermons le CEDS (“Let’s Close Down the CEDS”) is born!

Discover who we are and the reasons for this campaign.


The pages of this site will be regularly updated and enriched, but you can already inform yourself and your friends and family on the activities of the CEDS (Centre d’Elevage du Domaine des Souches / Biological Centre for Biological Matter) in Mézilles as well as animal research (see Summary).


By registering for our newsletter (in French) you’ll stay informed with regard to news relating to the CEDS and our future actions.


We invite you to help us publicizing the cause that we are defending.


More generally, you can of course get involved against vivisection by not buying beauty / maintenance products tested on animals and by not giving money to charities that fund animal experiments without your knowledge.