Who are we?


We are responsible citizens and activists against vivisection.


We decided to create the collective Fermons le CEDS (“Let’s Close Down the CEDS”) because we believe that the existence of the CEDS (BMBC – Biological Matter Breeding Centre) constitutes an intolerable barbarism.


We are entitled to demand truly ethical science that does not physically and psychologically tortures sensitive, living beings who cannot defend themselves.


Accordingly, we will strive to inform as many people as possible of the scandalous activities of the CEDS and will use all legal means at our disposal to obtain its closure.


We will not relent or relax our efforts until this centre has closed its doors.


We want the abolition of vivisection and all of the suffering inflicted on animals and believe that a society can only be truly fair if they adhere to this condition. Animals are our neighbours and have the same right as us to dispose of their own lives.


What is not allowed for men must also be denied for animals, their place is not in laboratories or farms. It is not necessary to love animals to defend them and to take action on their behalf.