Mission Statement


I. Motivations and purpose

The Fermons le CEDS campaign was launched to put an end to the trade of animals bred by the CEDS to become objects of experimentation.


The Fermons le CEDS collective’s goal is to defend animals that are victims of animal experimentation in particular and all animals that are victims of human exploitation in general.


Clearly abolitionist, the Fermons le CEDS campaign’s objective is to succeed in bringing about the unequivocal and total end to the exploitation of animals reared by the CEDS, and not the improvement of their living conditions in breeding centres, farms,  laboratories or institutions for which they are intended.



II. Independence

The Fermons le CEDS activist campaign is not in any way linked:

-   to any commercial company that might have economic interests linked to the achievement of the objective set out above;

-   any political party or religious movement;

-   any group or association of animal rights in particular.



III. Values

The approach of Fermons le CEDS is progressive and with respect for all sentient beings, be they human or animals.


Therefore, Fermons le CEDS does not endorse any action or initiative promoting violence in general and speciesism (discrimination based on belonging to a particular species), sexism, racism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination and domination towards humans in particular.



IV. Privacy

Fermons le CEDS is committed to strictly respect the anonymity of the witnesses who provide evidence if that is their desire.


Fermons le CEDS will never sell or disclose, for any reason whatsoever, personal contact details (name, surname, phone, email) collected from the public via the campaign website or by e-mail.



V. Action

To achieve its objectives, Fermons le CEDS will employ all strategies and all means of peaceful and legal action which it deems appropriate in relation to the evolution of the campaign.


The actions and initiatives of Fermons le CEDS will be regularly announced and published on its official website: www.fermons-le-ceds.org


Fermons le CEDS disclaims all responsibility for actions carried out by third parties on its behalf and without its consent and by third parties on its behalf and without its consent and which do not comply with its values


Should you have any questions or for further information, contact us.